Who we are

We are the Trauma Care Coalition. We are led by youth and communities directly affected by gun violence and the lack of trauma care for it on the South Side of Chicago. We organize with allies from across our city and nation.

What we do

The Trauma Care Coalition has fought for an adult level-1 trauma center since 2010. We've won a #TraumaCenterNow because #BlackLivesMatter.


On December 17, 2015, the University of Chicago announced that it will meet our demands in full: It will build and operate an adult level-1 trauma center on its own campus. Amidst a history of institutional racism, University President Zimmer, Dean of the Medical Center Polonsky, and their institutions accepted responsibility.

This replaces the UofC's September 10, 2015 announcement that it would fund a trauma center at Holy Cross Hospital, on 68th Street and California Avenue, more than five miles from the UofC.

This is a victory for the south side. It is the direct result of the efforts of youth and their allies who have been fighting for the last five years. This new trauma center will save lives affected by gun violence and other trauma.

Statement of December 17, 2015


We still need to hold the UofC accountable, making sure its trauma center

  • includes social services for victims of violence. For instance, as other Chicago trauma centers do, the UofC should staff its trauma center with violence interrupters, people who know communities personally and help mitigate retaliation immediately after people get shot and are rushed to the trauma center. For, as the UofC has long said, we need to not only respond to trauma, but prevent it from spreading.
  • is opened with a community advisory board. The board should include our each of our coalition members, be in continual and open communication with UofC medical-center executives, and have some decision-making power. For, as the UofC has long said, we need not only to respond to the community, but to partner with it.

Coalition members

The Trauma Care Coalition includes:

  • Fearless Leading by the Youth
  • Southside Together Organizing for Power
  • Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
  • Students for Health Equity
  • Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
  • Trauma Center Prayers and the Interfaith Leadership Committee
  • National Nurses United​